By Talisman Brolin

Photo by TalismanPHOTO


Punk-ass book-jockey.

Jemima Williams is an illustrator, milliner, writer and stuff-maker. Her illustrations have appeared in books, articles and on the web. Her hats have appeared on people’s heads. 

In London, she worked as a designer for the children’s television program Peppa Pig

Jemima illustrated a children’s book - Hibernate With Me - written by her husband, Benjamin Scheuer, which was published in February 2019 by Simon & Schuster Kids. They are currently working on their second - Hundred Feet Tall - which is due to be published in 2020, also by Simon & Schuster Kids.

She has published articles in Standard Issue magazine and has contributed an essay to the book You and Who Else. She is currently working on a collection of memoir-essays themed around the 78 cards of the standard Tarot deck. 

Originally from Wales, Jemima now lives in New York City with her husband Ben, their daughter Elodie, and their dog Porthos.

Jemima was the subject of a podcast by the New York Welsh Society in 2018, discussing Peppa Pig, moving to New York City, her identity as a Welsh woman and the book Hibernate With Me. You can find the podcast here.